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Guaranteed sales* with Dublcheck

Investment Required from £9,950 - £190,950 + VAT

With an already successful electrical testing business, Mike McCormack was eager to extend his professional portfolio and find an opportunity that would complement his current business. A few of Mike’s friends had developed profitable and successful businesses within the commercial cleaning industry, so he decided to start his search there.

“While visiting sites to carry out my electrical work, it’s the perfect opportunity to enquire about the good or bad cleaning services they may be receiving,” explains Mike. “Also, with a few of my friends achieving healthy profits, even during tough times, with their cleaning businesses it seemed like a good area to get into.”

Mike researched a range of different commercial and domestic cleaning franchises but it was an opportunity close to home that caught his eye.

“The head office of cleaning franchise Dublcheck is only down the road from me, so I popped in to take a closer look,” reveals Mike. “The guaranteed* turnover that franchise offers was what initially appealed to me and, with almost 20 years of experience and a proven business model, it seemed like a great investment.”

The Dublcheck system puts its new franchise owners on the road to success by actually getting the business for them – so they know exactly what turnover to expect. Franchise owners can start with a minimum turnover of £14,000 per annum if they wish to run their franchise as a hands-on business. Alternatively, they can purchase a turnover of up to £500,000 per annum, if they want to run a management business.

Having decided that Dublcheck was the perfect addition to his business, Mike attended a week’s training course at the Dublcheck head office, which covered all aspects of the business from marketing and accounts to cleaning materials and equipment.

“I launched my Dublcheck franchise as an investment opportunity, so entered in at a low entry level with the aim of gradually growing my business over the years,” says Mike, “although, with the help of the Dublcheck sales team, I had work coming in from day one! Having dealt with customers and sales for a number of years I didn’t find this aspect of the business a problem but it’s a great benefit for those who don’t like selling.”

Since launching his franchise two years ago, Mike has seen his business grow at a steady rate and he could not praise Dublcheck enough for their ongoing support.

“I’m really pleased with how my business is maturing – my turnover has tripled since launching my franchise,” he enthuses. “I am dividing my time between my electrical business and my Dublcheck franchise, but with the support of my wife and great team of cleaners, we are building a solid, repeat client base.

“If I ever need any help Dublcheck is only ever a phone call away and I can even pop in for a chat if I need to.”

Commercial cleaning is one of the best industries to join as a franchise owner because it’s a market that is more robust and recession resistant than most others, due to the fact the build-up of dirt never stops and every building, office and shop needs regular cleaning.

“My Dublcheck franchise has proven to be a great investment,” says Mike. “Even during tough economic times my sales are steadily increasing and over the next few years I hope for this to continue and so when I am ready to retire I have a healthy pension pot waiting for me.”

*Guaranteed turnover does not guarantee profit.

Written by Tiffany Brooking