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Dublcheck: Massive market

'This is a massive market that keeps on growing,' states Dublcheck Founder Carol Stewart-Gill. 'Everywhere you look there are small to medium sized commercial premises in need of professional and reliable cleaners. As a Dublcheck franchisee you can tap into this huge sector.'

Dublcheck is a wholly UK-owned company with more than 100 franchisees and a track record spanning 13 years. A number of franchisees have sold their businesses for a significant profit, and new franchisees continue to enjoy the benefits of being part of Dublcheck, including guaranteed turnover and centralised support.

Shrewsbury franchisee Jessica Adams, for instance, left Dublcheck due to personal circumstances, but has recently rejoined and already has her first contract. She states: 'Dublcheck are brilliant, which is why I've come back. I know Dublcheck will do what they say they will - they help you every step of the way.'

Jessica lists the training as one of the most beneficial aspects of being a Dublcheck franchisee: 'The training covers everything you need to know such as employment law and health & safety. But it's not like being stuck in a school classroom - it is also great fun.'

Having invested in the basic franchise package, Jessica and daughter Jo are looking forward to growing the business as quickly as possible. 'This business is hard work, but also highly rewarding,' Jessica furthers. 'Dublcheck are a good company to be part of and I'd recommend them to others.'Geoff Hirst sold his newsagents and bought the existing Crewe franchise as a going concern. He reports a very easy transition into the business inheriting a healthy business with 13 existing contracts: 'Dublcheck make it easy, they even do the paperwork for you.'

He says he's 'over the moon', and is aiming for a turnover of around £80,000 for the end of his first year. 'I am my own boss and I have real job satisfaction but no pressure.'

Dublcheck has built into its package guaranteed turnover levels. From a launch pad that starts at £12,000 per annum for a hands-on business, up to £500,000 per annum for a management role, franchisees can grow their businesses at a controlled pace.

For your investment you will receive initial training leading to a nationally recognised certification, ongoing training and support, access to branded uniforms, products, sales and marketing tools, and stationery.
Carol sums up: 'With our experience and track record, we can say that if you put in the effort and follow our system, with Dublcheck the rewards are there for everyone to see.'