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Start a business with Guaranteed turnover*

INVESTMENT REQUIRED £9,950 – £190,950 + VAT

Before joining commercial cleaning franchise Dublcheck in 2008, Eddie enjoyed a successful management career within the clothing industry. Two years after securing his role as Managing Director at a workwear company, the business went into administration – presenting Eddie with the perfect opportunity to take control of his career and future.

“I considered starting my own business but, having worked in the clothing industry for the last 25 years, it was all I knew and I didn’t have the funds to get a brand new business off the ground,” he explains. “I quickly learned about the benefits of franchising and realised that it would be the best route to self-employment for me.

“I wanted a business that would utilise my management experience, so I looked into a range of opportunities including accountancy, cleaning, maintenance and consultancy,” he continues. “It was the guaranteed sales that initially attracted me to Dublcheck but it was the excellent response I received from its existing franchise owners that confirmed my confidence in the business.”

Once Eddie had completed his due diligence and decided that Dublcheck was the management franchise for him, he met with company founder Carol Stewart-Gill to discuss the opportunity further.Unless you start your business on the assisted starter option, which costs £9,950 + VAT, Dublcheck obtains the initial contracts for you. So you know exactly what turnover you get.

From an investment of £14,950 you can start with a minimum turnover of £14,000 per annum, if you want to run your business hands-on and start small while retaining the security of your current position. Alternatively, you can purchase with a view to achieving a turnover of up to £500,000 per annum if you want to run a management business.

To prepare Eddie for the launch of his Dublcheck franchise, he attended a week’s training course that covered every aspect of the business from the cleaning procedures and products to pricing up jobs and managing customer expectations.

“I already had a good understanding of the business side of the franchise but I found the practical elements of the training really helpful,” recalls Eddie. “Its not a complicated business – you just need to be willing to follow the systems and put in the work.”

With sufficient funds to invest in his Dublcheck franchise, Eddie launched his business as a management opportunity and had a team of cleaners working with him from day one.

“To be a successful Dublcheck franchise owner you need to ensure all of your customers receive the best service possible,” says Eddie. “It’s important to secure new contracts but it’s even more important to keep your existing customers happy – this business is all about customer satisfaction.”

During tough economic times all industries have felt the bite but, with the continued support of the Dublcheck sales team, Eddie has been able to hit his sales targets and continue to develop his business.

“I now have 44 cleaners working with me and am invoicing £20,000 each month, so I have recently hired an Area Supervisor to help me manage my growing business,” enthuses Eddie. “I hope to retire within the next five years so, with continued high quality customer service and effective marketing and sales techniques, I plan to significantly grow my Dublcheck business and secure my financial future.”

* Please note that guaranteed turnover is not a guarantee of profit.

Written by Tiffany Brooking