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What makes Bodystreet different from the other fitness brands out there? It’s a great question if you’re considering investing in a fitness franchise.

Premises are much smaller than a traditional gym, and investment levels are much lower too, but that isn’t the main difference. Bodystreet will appeal to those seeking something more than an operation that is driven on membership numbers, regardless of the usage – the focus here is on client engagement. A once-a-week, 20-minute proven workout means that even the busiest of people can achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

Those who keep fit are less prone to physical and psychological illnesses. Because of its high level of efficiency, the Bodystreet method specifically targets those who have little time for exercise. This enables even the busiest people to keep fit, do something for their physical wellbeing and make provisions for their health.

Opportunities for the younger generation
Young people need and want prospects for the future, and occupational training is a subject that should no longer be neglected in the fitness industry. Bodystreet’s goal is to make as many young people as possible fit for demanding professional tasks. This not only ensures that they have the best prospects in the fitness and health sector, but also makes it possible for them to contribute their skills in many other areas of economic life. In partnership with one of the UK’s leading training providers, the brand has developed training, which, coupled with an accredited apprenticeship programme, can lead to a foundation-level degree in business management.

Success for franchisees
The objective of any franchise system is to provide its franchisees with an ideal platform for their ambitions and goals. The benefit of a franchise is that the lessons have been learnt in advance. This is no exception with Bodystreet. With more than 300 studios successfully established, you have access to an efficient studio concept that is tried and tested, so that many time-consuming processes have been taken care of for you. This is an opportunity for franchisees who want success – without the unnecessary risk. Bodystreet, and its method, has revolutionised the fitness market in Central Europe. Franchisees’ success is based on two key factors – the highly popular and consumer-friendly once-a-week, 20-minute workout and a sophisticated franchise concept.

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