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Mister Tacho

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Mister Tacho safeguarding your business and providing stress free use of digital tachographs

Companies have to comply with the current European Driving Hours Regulations and Working Time Directive for their driver’s, keeping records of their driver’s activities whilst at work. Vehicles larger than 3.5 tonnes are fitted with Tachographs that record driving time, speed, distance, rest and waiting for instruction periods. Since May 2005 all vehicles being first registered have been fitted with a digital Tachograph, different from the old system as the information is stored digitally. Many small - medium companies are missing computer expertise or someone to oversee such downloads often resulting in not being able to meet the DVSA requirements and/or police officers inspecting for infringements. This can lead to loss of the company’s Operating Licence.

This is where we come in, scheduling the download according to the regulations. The data is then analysed for infringements against the current legislation, using specialised computer software. The results are then reported

It is the personal touch and physical presence, which makes Mister Tacho such a unique concept in the Tachograph analysis industry. Offering a turnkey system, where nothing is left for the customer to do. As a Mister Tacho franchisee you can decide how much time you wish to devote to the business, either running it part-time for additional income, or full-time for a substantial income, according to the number of customers you take on.

The rapid growth of our business, and the loyalty of our customers, is testimonial to how much they appreciate what we do for them. The brand is known for the quality and reliability of the service we provide.

Who can become a Mister Tacho franchisee?

Previous experience is not necessary as you will be fully trained and supported at all times. If you do have previous experience in the transport industry, that will make your training period shorter, you will, however, need to be a “people person” if you want to grow and develop your business. You will need to be reliable as you will be the person ensuring that the companies you support are compliant. To be computer literate is important and the job requires you to be physically fit as you will be climbing up and down lorries downloading systems.

Tools you will need

  • Transport
  • Office space
  • Download tools
  • Smart card reader
  • Computer
  • Colour inkjet or laser printer
  • Analogue chart scanner
  • Mobile phone
  • Internet access
  • Headband torch
  • Work clothing

What does it cost me?

There is a one off payment of £15,000 plus VAT

This will provide you with:

  • 1 laptop, with installed software
  • 1 smart card reader
  • 1 download tool
  • 24 days training – theory and practice

Once you commence trading you will be liable to pay an ongoing franchise fee of 15% of turnover.

This entitles you to:

  • Use of Mister Tacho trade marks
  • Information updates
  • System handbook
  • Training sessions
  • Meetings with fellow franchisees
  • Telephone and email support
  • Customer referral

What are the on-going costs?

  • Book keeping/accountancy
  • Telephone/Broadband
  • Analysis of data
  • Banking
  • Hardware replacements
  • Vehicle costs
  • Stationary and postage
  • Employee wages (if you choose to employ others)

What are my responsibilities?

  • To schedule and carry out downloads within the time frameworks specified by legislation
  • To upload the data to the analysis software required by the franchisor and in use at the time
  • To analyse the data for infringements as set out in the minimum requirements for analysis laid down in the franchise
  • To report back to your clients quickly
  • To do nothing which may harm the reputation of Mister Tacho
  • To submit for approval, prior to printing, any signage or stationery which uses the Mister Tacho name or trade mark
  • To keep abreast of all current legislation with regard to European Driving Hours Regulations and the European Working time Directive as applicable to drivers

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