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Visiting Angels

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A care franchise, done differently

Established in the US in 1998, Visiting Angels is a global care giant with community-based values and is today one of the largest care franchises in America and proudly supports 600+ franchisees across five countries. Visiting Angels has achieved global success by doing things differently – by putting its carers first, with great rates of pay and work-related benefits to ensure they can achieve real work-life balance. Why? Because only happy, loyal carers who feel truly valued can give their all to clients. Many companies say that they put their carers at the heart of their business, very few actually do it.

Visiting Angels is a care business the likes of which the UK has never seen before, with a business model that directly addresses the problems in the market of carer recruitment and empowers caregivers, clients and franchisees to reap the benefits for years to come. Being carer-centric is what makes Visiting Angels different.

Proven to be different - proven to be successful

Visiting Angels was launched in the UK in 2017 and from the head office in Sheffield the business was extensively piloted before the franchise offering was launched in 2018. The first office in the UK was recognised at the 2018 Visiting Angels International Conference as one of the fastest growing in the company’s history.

At the Great British Care Awards in York in 2018 Visiting Angels was a finalist as one of the top employers in the Yorkshire region. Being carer-centric has delivered business success and recognition from the wider industry.

Your chance to join the family

By Joining Visiting Angels in the UK you will be able to bring a different

approach to care to your local community. With 20 years of experience in caregiver recruitment and retention, plus shared experience from over 600 franchisees in the US, your new business will have a competitive edge. You’ll also be supported by a team in the UK with over 30 years care sector and

20 years franchise industry experience. 

The care sector offers a large and growing market and Visiting Angels delivers a business model that allows you to be commercially successful whilst redefining the role of carers in society and improving the lives of your clients. 

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