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Zenerjii came about as a result of our founder Cathal Power.Cathal, an Irish native, travelled widely throughout North and South America and the Caribbean during the 80’s and 90’s.

Cathal was delighted to find juice bars throughout his travels and used them regularly. Upon returning to Ireland, Cathal set about creating Ireland’s first juice & smoothie bar experience. Cathal noticed that while the bars in California looked great, the end product didn’t match up. Conversely, he found that in Brazil, the bars didn’t look so great but the end product was delicious.

So Cathal decided to combine the funky smoothie bar designs of California with the fantastic tasting juices of Brazil to create Zenerjii - a fun and fresh place to get a healthy drink, made to order, from fresh fruit and frozen yogurt (smoothies) or a blend of fresh fruit and/or vegetables (juices).


Zenerjii is a happy, healthy & growing enterprise. Since opening our first bar in 2001, we have expanded exponentially.

The key to our success is that we’ve grown organically, recognising the needs for our market as we reached each new level of development and adapting our brand to meet those needs.

Keeping the business system simple is the key to the Zenerjii concept, easy for our staff and easy for our customers. With a clear and distinct menu and identity, it’s easy to train staff and serve customers with minimum wait time.

From grand, café-style bars to boutique grab-and-go kiosks we can successfully offer customers the same level of service and the same standard of product from any of our sites.

Today we are one of the largest juice and smoothie bar chains in Europe.

The Concept

What is Zenerjii Juice Bar?

Located in some on the most exciting retail locations in the world, Zenerjii Juice and Smoothie Bars offer retail locations an opportunity to make health, well being and vitality available to their customers.

With the current trend towards health and fitness and a large majority of the population striving to look and feel younger, juice and smoothies are experiencing growth in the industry like never before. The global market for juice and smoothie bars to set to reach US$10.7 Billion by 2015*.

Zenerjii Juice Bars combine the best in juicing technology with the freshest ingredients to create the best juice and smoothie recipes enjoyed by consumers the world over. Unlike some of our competitors, we never use concentrated juice (a form of pasteurised juice) to make our drinks. Zenerjii juices and smoothies are made from whole fruit.As well as offering delicious Juices and smoothies, Zenerjii Juice and Smoothie Bars also offers a range of smart treat options such as healthy crisp alternatives, dried fruit and nuts, protein and cereal bars.

Product Innovation

As we have grown as a company over the past number of years, so too has our product offering and the ‘Zenerjii Experience’ we offer customers. Zenerjii customers areyoung, health conscious, professionals. We constantly seek to energise, invigorate and engage with these customers by serving exciting new products and flavours in funky and contemporary bars, and by communicating with customers through media and platforms that they are already utilizing.

In the current economic climate, we realise that for brands to be sustainable, they must innovate. When it comes to developing the Zenerjii product range, our efforts are focused on increasing average spend and increasing sales at specific day and year parts. Our recent innovations have included the ‘Smart Treats’ range, a variety of natural nuts and dried fruits, as well as the ‘Grab n Go’ range, a selection of snacks such as wraps, fresh yoghurts and fruit salads. We find these to be excellent add on purchases for customers already buying a juice or smoothie. We have also recently released a breakfast smoothie and a breakfast meal deal, both aimed at enticing the morning commuter to visit our bar pre-lunch time.

As is the nature of our business, we find that customers preferences change seasonally. To meet our customers changing preferences, during the winter months we offer a range of winter warmers including fresh soups, teas and porridge all of which are very popular with the commuter market, and during the summer months our ‘Yozu’, a fat free freshly whipped frozen yoghurt with a choice of delicious toppings, is very popular.

New Product Development

We have a test kitchen which is constantly in use, testing out various recipes, ingredients and other concoctions. Some never see the light of day, some are tested out in various promotions, while others become a permanent fixture on our menu. The following are new products that are currently sold in Zenerjii stores.

Yoghurt PotsLow fat probiotic yoghurt and a choice of 3 delicious fresh fruit coulis as toppings – Strawberry, Mango & Passionfruit and Peach & Honey.

Fruit and YoghurtGranola ParfaitPacked full of organic sugar-free hazelnut & coconut granola and low fat probiotic yoghurt, with a choice of fresh fruit (drizzle of honey optional) OR three choices of fresh fruit coulis

Fresh Fruit Salads

WrapsOur Wraps are a delicious and healthy selection of fresh fruits & vegetables on a wholesome and filling wrap and are available in three distinct flavors – Veggie, Greek and Mango-Salsa.

Smart TreatsOur Smart Treats are a new and innovative pick ‘n’ mix range, featuring a selection of natural nuts and dried fruits... and nothing artificial whatsoever.Also available as prepacked unmixed.

PorridgeFreshly made in store, our porridge is served with a choice of delicious fresh fruits, fruit coulis, nuts, or honey topping. Ideal for cold mornings.

SoupsFor lunch during cold winter days, there is nothing like a hot Zenerjii soup, freshly made in store everyday and served with a scrumptious piece of bread and a piece of fruit.

Organic TeaWe also propose a premium range of organic teas, specially selected for their incredible taste

YoloOur very latest innovation: the tempting and tantalizing Yolo.Our customers can now experience the devilish delights of a fat free freshly whipped frozen yoghurt and a choice of 3 delicious toppings.

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