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Frequently Asked Questions

Established individuals from the franchise industry share their knowledge and experience to answer some of the most common franchising questions.

Question: What are the advantages of investing in a franchise over starting a business for yourself?

To my mind, franchising is neither an industry in its own right nor in fact a business, rather it is one of the fastest and most consistently successful methods (a marketing concept) for distributing products and services.

It is a crazy mixture of conformity and individuality and combines the very best elements of big business and small operation. To be successful a franchise owner must comply with the franchise system and yet such compliances will enable them to achieve a level of self-fulfilment.

The phrase 'in business for yourself, but not by yourself' really does capture the essence of franchising. If you simply opened your own business you would be totally responsible for everything but in a franchise the franchisor offers you experience, know-how, proven operation methods, marketing tools, sales training and technical guidance, as well as corporate identity, trademarks and the brand.

Moreover, as an independent you have no best practice to hold on to; no comparisons to make; no 'club like' environment and no-one ready and able to help - now!
Nigel Toplis (pictured right, top) Managing Director Recognition Express, ComputerXplorers & The Zip Yard

Question: Do I need previous experience in business to buy a franchise?

No, previous experience in business is not necessary to buying a franchise. Of course, some businesses are more complex to get to grips with than others, but all reputable franchisors should provide a comprehensive training package that includes the basics of running a business, as well as any core skills required for the specific franchise.

The benefit of being a franchise owner compared to an independent business owner is that you can draw upon the hopefully extensive business expertise and experience of the franchisor - particularly in the early days.

At Autosheen, we also provide a number of business development days, delivered on a one-to-one basis by an experienced manager, on the franchise owner's territory, as part of the standard franchise package.
Paul Fennell (pictured right, middle) Managing Director Autosheen

Question: How will buying a franchise affect my work/life balance?

This depends on the type of franchise you choose and what your ambitions are for your business. Overclean has franchise owners whose work/life balance transformed for the better, as the flexible working hours and being home-base makes it a family friendly franchise. Others have built multi-vehicle operations and are looking for the financial rewards as well as the flexible lifestyle that success can bring.
Julian Minwalla (pictured right, bottom) Chief Executive Ovenclean