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I want to be my own boss... but am I right for franchising

Here we have laid out a simple questionnaire that have no more than three answers, there are no right or wrong responses. Try and answer the questions as quickly and honestly as you can as this will best help you receive the most natural response.

1. You normally feel more relaxed:
a.) Leaving a decision to the last minute?
b.) After the decision has been made?

2. Are you usually:
a.) Arranging social activities in advance?
b.) Fitting social activities into your schedule?

3. You are responsible for the agenda of a sales meeting, would you likely:
a.) Pre-plan all activities for the meeting?
b.) Allow an open and free flowing meeting?

4. Do you consider yourself to have a reputation for:
a.) Being cautious and calculated?
b.) Making things happen efficiently and quickly?

5. If you were trying to improve a business, how would you best achieve this:
a.) Re-organise and streamline existing markets and products?
b.) Develop new markets and products?

6. If a project’s roles were being defined, would you normally be:
a.) Told you are not needed?
b.) Asked to provide support in a specific area?
c.) Asked to head up the project?

7. When thinking about a business issue, do you:
a.) Concentrate on a specific aspect of the problem?
b.) Take a step back and evaluate the overall problem?

8. When a complex problem arises do you:
a.) Outline steps that resolve the issue?
b.) Start searching for a solution?
c.) Let someone else find the solution?

9. Do you see yourself more as:
a.) Outgoing?
b.) More cautious in your approach to situations?

10. Do you make your decisions:
a.) On personal preference?
b.) After gathering the correct information and basing your objectives and plans from there?

11. You have a vast number of tasks to complete, do you:
a.) Rank them in order of importance and carry them out?
b.) Complete them as each task comes in?

12. You are an executive of a large business, when considering a problem you would be better at:
a.) Evaluating all approaches to the solution?
b.) Compiling facts about the issue?
c.) Leaving the issue to other people?

13. Which one of these best describes your usual work pattern:
a.) I finish a project before starting another.
b.) I am involved in a number of projects simultaneously.

14. Are you one who prefers:
a.) Sticking to skills that you know you have?
b.) Taking on new challenges and skills?

15. When considering buying a franchise, do you:
a.) Go with the facts and evidence that you have gathered?
b.) Go with your instinct?

16. Are you usually:
a.) More comfortable with planning?
b.) Irritated when it comes to planning?

17. One of your employees has a good idea on how to sell a product, do you:
a.) Explore the possibilities with some market research?
b.) Consider it while still continuing the existing efforts?
c.) Drop everything and follow the idea laid out by your employee?

18. What is the main reason for being in franchising:
a.) To become your own boss?
b.) To become a successful entrepreneur?
c.) To have a better lifestyle?
d.) To be in control of your own future?