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A bespoke business opportunity

Suit the City has a new member joining their franchising family. Jamie Brown caught up with Gordon Inglis to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

When Gordon Inglis saw the advertisement for Suit the City’s franchise, he realised it was everything he was searching for. Gordon had been working at Lloyds since leaving University, but always wanted to start a business. As with all ambitious people, he had many questions, including what should that business be?

How can I invest in a business that will work for me, but minimise the risk and have the best chance of success?

While people dream of starting a business, the majority of ideas don’t get off the ground – often due to lack of funding, often for lack of a unique idea and many due to fear of failure. By purchasing a franchise, many of these problems are negated. The business is probably a good idea, the key stages of setting up a business – researching and testing the market, setting up a supply chain, building the brand, developing a network of clients etc. - have all been covered, and what’s more, the owners will have been through the pain of the first few years so you don’t have to!

If the business has been approved by the British Franchise Association, its business model has been proven, which is why many people opt to buy a franchise – it is tried and tested and the majority of franchise owners succeed compared to the high failure rate of new start-ups.

So, with this goal in mind, Gordon looked at the opportunity of starting a franchise. What he discovered was Suit the City – ideal for fulfilling his interest in fashion, while being a successful formula and offering the lifestyle change he desired. Gordon is based in Leeds and he wisely checked out the competition and market potential before proceeding. He sums up his thoughts: “Leeds is the ideal location for a Suit the City franchise as it is a hub for corporate business and the second largest centre for financial and professional services outside London. There is a real desire for top quality fashion and business wear in Leeds and Suit the City caters perfectly to this market. Throw in a vibrant social and cultural scene and there is no shortage of opportunities for Leeds residents to dress to impress!”

Gordon is looking forward to his training with Technical Director Sallie Belton. Sallie says: ”For the first three months, I work very closely with the new franchise owner. I spend time explaining the measuring process, the design and detailing that makes every garment individual to the client; in addition the training is with the franchise owners real clients – so they get to know how everything works and we make the sales together. This means they can be earning even while training.”

In addition to learning how to measure his clients, Gordon will also have the support of Managing Director, Carol Rawson, who will help him to put together his business and marketing plans, work with him to get PR in the area and book local advertising. “We will work closely with Gordon to help him get his business on track from day one - it is vital he gets the brand noticed in Leeds, as this business is built on its reputation for Savile Row quality at sensible prices. Most clients will come through word of mouth, but to start with, Gordon will need to build a network of contacts he can work with. Coming from a large company such as Lloyds will help him too – he has a ready-made audience for his services from his previous business contacts, as well as his social network.

The Opportunity

Suit the City has ambitious plans for 50 franchises across the UK, offering the service from Cornwall to Aberdeen. If you think the business will suit you, here are some things to think about:-

  • Am I ambitious and professional?
  • Do I have a passion for fashion?
  • Am I able to build relationships with clients of all ages?
  • Do I want to take control of my work/life balance and start building a future for myself and do I have the drive to succeed?
  • Am I willing to go the extra mile for my clients?

If your answer is yes, then you should talk to Suit the City.What you don’t need to worry about is the tailoring – we have expert tailors in our European factories – so you will not be sitting at a sewing machine! All training and support will be given to ensure you have the best possible chance of success – after all, Suit the City wants you to succeed!