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A breath of fresh Aire

Recent research figures have brought to light the astounding future prospects of the domestic heating and cooling market, as planned government measures, such as the Green Deal, make the sector a hot topic with investors. Gareth Samuel looks at why now could be the perfect time to consider starting a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration enterprise like Aire Serv.

Investment Required:
£16,000 + VAT
plus working capital.

One of the UK’s fastest growing domestic and commercial service providers is Aire Serv – a franchise that is world-renowned for its unparalleled customer service. For many, the Aire Serv franchise has allowed both experienced contractors and Service Professionals with no technical heating and air-conditioning experience to take full advantage of what a dynamic heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration business has to offer.

The franchise model allows the business owner to move into the market with minimal start-up time and the familiar brand name helps establish a customer base.

One of Aire Serv’s high fliers is franchise owner Stan Barlow. Stan operates an existing commercial contracting business, as well as a Mr. Electric® franchise in Cornwall. Rolling an Aire Serv location into the mix allowed the company to diversify into new markets and increase revenue.

Steve Barlow is the General Manager of the franchise. “Down in Cornwall you tend to find the winters very, very busy and then it quiets down in the summer. On the air conditioning side, everyone is down on holiday during the summer and we can stay busy. So, we thought if we could streamline the disciplines, it would keep our company busy all through the year,” says Steve.

The existing company often received enquiries to provide heating and air conditioning services but, before purchasing an Aire Serv, the company would have given that work away.

“Facilities management companies get a lot of the work, because they can come in and do the plumbing, the electric, the gas, the air conditioning. We thought if we could offer another service as well as offering our electrical services, we could find additional customers on the back of that. It seemed to be a nice fit,” adds Steve.

Although the Barlows had experience in the contracting business and could have likely started their own organisation from the ground-up, the franchise business opportunity allowed their business to start quickly with a professional image.

Steve explains: “My father comes from a marketing and sales background in London. He felt he would get the same kind of backing from Aire Serv, with the smart uniforms, advertising and the paperwork. We saw the Aire Serv franchise as a way to pick up more domestic clients.”

As a company that gives special incentives to qualified individuals who have served in the armed forces and emergency services, Aire Serv is committed to all of its franchise owners, ensuring healthy growth. Aire Serv has assisted many in entering the lucrative heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling market. If you are in the market for a franchise opportunity with a bright future, Aire Serv could be the coolest way to begin your new career.