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A happy lifestyle is the greatest reward

When Peter Davies sold his business as a greengrocer 18 years ago, he had no idea how he would spend the next part of his life. But after visiting a franchise exhibition, he invested in cleaning company Dublcheck and has never looked back. Gareth Samuel reports

Peter and Pru Davies are investors in the Dublcheck cleaning franchise, which turned 20 this year. Now, 18 years after investing, Peter is the proud owner of a new car, a successful franchise and, most importantly, a stress-free, happy lifestyle.In 1995, Peter and Pru realised the greengrocers store they had owned for 12 years was no longer financially viable. They decided to sell up and move on.Peter says: “As supermarkets grew bigger, we knew we had to sell and so we needed something else to do.

“We went to a few franchise exhibitions, and we saw Dublcheck. What really appealed to us was that they provided the initial contracts, so we had business and could start work immediately.”After setting up in Manchester, with the support and guidance of the Dublcheck team, Peter and Pru generated immediate success. Peter reveals: “We were not necessarily looking for a cleaning business, but we were willing to learn and so we made a go of it. It’s a people business and this is what I liked about it.”

Their franchise’s annual turnover is currently £77,000, which Peter says is more than enough for him and his wife: “I am really happy with the level I am at. Dublcheck are good in that they do not keep pushing you to hit certain targets or goals. They let you work at your own level.“I am really happy with the way our company is ticking over. I can afford to put two kids through university, get a new car each year and go on nice holidays now and again, so I can’t complain.”Looking to the future, Peter is committed to his business but is not looking to make any moves for massive expansion: “I have had opportunities over the last 18 years to double or even triple my turnover, but I prefer to work at the manageable level I am at now.

“Dublcheck makes it easy for you to generate your own business, as well as providing business themselves through their growth options.

“In fact, after just over a year of trading, I suggested my brother Paul and his wife Barbara invest in the brand, which they did and they have also gone on to build a very successful business”Dublcheck celebrated their 20th anniversary, with a party in Chester earlier this year. In two years time, Peter Davies is planning to be happily celebrating a 20th anniversary of his own.