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When Hatem Karimjee was in the market for a business opportunity, CeX was the clear frontrunner from a catalogue of franchises available to him with his excellent management track record. The Franchise Magazine explores why he is enjoying life as the owner of a perpetually successful Complete entertainment eXchange location.

Hatem is clear about exactly why he chose CeX as the business model for him: “I wanted to start my own business and knew that finding a suitable franchised business opportunity that met my expectations would be a good idea. Having worked in the corporate world in fast food retailing, I already had some knowledge of franchising so understood the concept. I recognised that a franchised brand could give me a head start and provide me with a proven business model for me to work with.”

Prior to owning his own CeX store, Hatem had an extensive career in food retailing, where he was an Operations and Training Manager – this experience enabled him to relate to what CeX offers as part of its franchise opportunity as standard: “I felt quite at home and knew that this was where I saw my future,” explains Hatem emphatically.

Like any business, gaining finance to start a CeX franchise takes careful planning and the successful implementation of a comprehensive business plan – CeX’s 21 years of experience enables investors to secure funding with relative ease, provided they are right for the role. Hatem obtained the funding needed through collaboration with CeX, leading high street banks and his own personal finance.

After making clear his interest in the business, Hatem went through a detailed initial assessment process which involved working several hours in-store. He adds: “Working in store gave me the opportunity to understand the business while at the same time they assessed my suitability. Running a store and managing a new team of staff is a major responsibility and I’ve needed all of the months of extensive training that I’ve undertaken.”

CeX offer franchise owners a helping hand in all areas of their new businesses, ensuring each territory stands a great chance of success. Hatem knows the value of CeX’s experience when setting up his location: “Setting up a large retail business requiring a High Street premises involves lots of organisation and planning. Luckily CeX are very experienced at this and helped me through the process. My main task before opening has been the recruitment of a team of staff which CeX have been brilliant with and have helped train.”

Hatem’s life has changed completely through his franchise location. He explains: “It’s early days yet, but I love the independence of running my own business and really appreciate the support I’ve been given by everyone involved.” Hatem explains that in order to be successful it is important to; “Understand what you are doing, do lot’s of research and think about your future plans.” – for Hatem, his future plans are simple and enviable – I plan to “Get my new business established and hopefully plan for a second store.”