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A year on the road with Gus Maclean

Many people who take on a Mac Tools franchise go into the business with no previous experience of the tool industry, but the support and training they receive before going on the road ensures their success. One such story is Gus Maclean who, prior to joining Mac Tools, worked in a very different role.

Gus Maclean was formerly a Regional Director in the sports leisure industry responsible for 20 staff in a business with a turnover of £1.7 million, but he felt he needed to challenge himself further. In order to make positive changes in his life, he began to explore the options of self-employment offered by taking on a franchise. The franchise he kept returning to throughout his research was Mac Tools. The offer, support and backup from Mac Tools, along with a high-end, premium product and market-leading brands from four companies, was a very big draw. It very much felt like the right time and the right place for myself with Mac Tools,” highlights Gus.

Making the transition from working for a large corporation within the leisure industry to being self-employed and dealing with predominantly motor trades is one that Gus feels he has taken in his stride: “I have sales and relationship building skills from previous roles. Not only that, but I also have business acumen and have always been very driven. I am used to working long hours, but now there’s an additional feel good factor because I know I am doing it for myself and my family and for our future.”

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Mac Tools prides itself on the high level of support it gives to all their franchise owners throughout their time with the company. Whenever any problems arise, Mac react very quickly to rectify any issues and always seek feedback from the franchise owners to ensure the company remains a market leader. “For me, it has been a very satisfying and refreshing relationship. Not only that but during this first year with Mac Tools I have found myself finally doing what I have always wanted to do. I’m working for myself, but with the backup and support of a global leader,” explains Gus.

One of the key points in working in a van based franchise is the regular visit pattern and being able to know who you are seeing each day, but having no two days the same. Gus is pleased that the he does not have to hard sell the products as the brand name speaks for the quality of the goods: “It is not really a hard sell as the customers know what they want and are prepared to pay a premium price for a premium product from a premium brand.”

Looking back over his first year on the road as a Mac Tools franchise owner, Gus has this to say to anyone looking to follow his lead: “I would advise anyone to first go out with a couple of Mac dealers and get a feel for how the operation works. As with any business, the start-up cost has to be considered but if you allow for this and remember the initial plan is for five years, everything should be okay. It is a marathon and not a sprint, but careful planning and hard work mean that you can eventually reap the rewards of success.”