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Achieve £1 million turnover with CeX

Due to the success of her first CeX store, franchise owner Zahida Patel has already secured her second location and is eager to continue further network expansion.

Since launching her Bury-based CeX store last year, Zahida Patel has achieved great success with the second-hand entertainment franchise and is happy to say that it has exceeded all of her expectations.

“I have done even better than expected,” reveals Zahida. “I knew I would succeed as my brother is already an existing franchise owner. I saw how well he was doing and thought, I could do that! “I’ve felt totally supported by CeX and having the solid customer base has been very beneficial. I love being my own boss and am already opening my second franchise in St Helens.”

To ensure franchise owners get their business off to the best start possible CeX provides ongoing step-by-step support starting with initial training, store location identification, store design and stock selection.

Once up and running, franchise owners receive ongoing training and procedure updates together with expert advice on further stock selection, testing, marketing, loss prevention and pricing updates via CeX’s bespoke EPOS system that has been specially designed over 20 years for buying and selling.

“CeX has been at my side from the get go,” says Zahida. “I trained in store, have a personal allocated Franchise Manager and get support from all of the departments. Corporate and franchise stores use the same teams from pricing to operations, and I can always rely on other stores for support.”

Keeping up-to-date with the ever changing electronic and entertainment products that CeX stock is a pleasant challenge that Zahida and her team are more than happy to take on.

“I have developed a strong core team of staff who love the products as much as I do,” she enthuses. “I like to think I’m in the 21st Century but there is such a vast range of technology these days it can be a little daunting.

“CeX provided all the training I needed to test products and buy and sell the goods we trade,” she continues. “Whenever I have a problem I know I can call my Franchise Manager, Training Manager or the support centre to get the assistance and knowledge I need.”

Due to the popularity of the CeX brand and its product range, most new CeX stores reach a first year turnover in excess of £1 million, a goal that Zahida easily achieved.

“My store hit the £1 million target on my birthday! Weeks before its one year anniversary,” she beams. “I am aiming to build a network of CeX stores, I already own newsagents in Leeds and I love branching out – this is just the beginning. The success I have experienced so far has allowed me to do this and I’ve found it very liberating.”

For those who are looking for a fast paced retail franchise that offers excellent turnover and expansion prospects, CeX is the perfect opportunity.

“I would recommend the CeX franchise to people who are good with the public and enjoy an ever increasing range of products to play with,” adds Zahida.

Written by Tiffany Brooking