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Band of brothers

Before launching their own CeX location, Fasih, Sabhi and Wajeeh Hassan helped to run the family businesses. Jamie Brown reports how thier Farnborough location \r\nis thriving.

The brothers began looking into franchising when a family member, who was involved in fast food franchising, recommended the business ownership system. “After looking at fast food franchises we decided that it was not the industry for us; having been passionate about technology we decided CeX was a suitable fit,” explains Fasih. The criteria was that the brand was well-known within its market and a franchise that had not reached saturation in terms of expansion and market share.

After registering their interest, the brothers embarked on their three-day store experience before completing the 300 hours training that enabled the team to become ready to run their own store in Farnborough.

"I would say that the training I received really helped me to be comfortable with running a store and prepared me for the journey ahead,” adds Sabhi. “I was lucky enough to train in a number of stores, with staff providing me with all the tools necessary to succeed.”

Possibly the most important factor for an investor looking to buy into a business that they will operate personally, is quality of life. So when Wajeeh says: “It is a fun place to be in and has been nothing less than what I expected,” it is clear that the brothers are very happy with their decision to invest.

Fasih continues: “The support mechanism that CeX has employed is invaluable in ensuring that our business continues to grow and be successful. Our Franchise Manager, Alan Wilkinson, has guided us right the way through to opening a store and helped us to avoid pitfalls, while keeping us guided towards our goal of opening multiple CeX stores. We have also received support from CeX in terms of training, recruitment and ongoing operational support.”

All this training and support has enabled the brothers to be incredibly successful, with current turnover projections coming in at £950,000 – well above their initial targets. As well as financial security, job satisfaction is at a premium for the trio.

"I enjoy watching how my actions directly affect the success of the business. Having the day-to-day interaction with a wide customer-base means that no two days are the same. It also brings great joy to see my staff develop as individuals within the business. Thanks to my staff and the family-like atmosphere, it makes the business a pleasure to be in. My lifestyle has improved, as even though I work hard, the business as given me more control over my time,” concludes a very contented Sabhi.

Looking to the future, the three businessmen expect to enjoy more success before looking to expand to a minimum of three stores – one location each – in the near future. The CeX franchise model has been the state-of-the art vehicle to put Fasih, Sabhi and Wajeeh on the road to success; the brothers’ flexibility, passion for technology and willingness to give it their all is what has enabled them to complete the journey.