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Batya Barr, North Manchester

Winning the Established Dietcare Franchise Owner of the Year award was a welcome surprise for Batya Barr who operates the North Manchester territory. Batya joined Dietcare five years ago, after successfully losing weight following a tailored diet plan by Dietcare. "A friend introduced me to Dietcare," reflects Batya. "He had managed to lose a lot of weight while following one of its healthy diet plans and maintained the weigh-loss. I wanted to shift a few pounds myself, so made an appointment to see a diet advisor.

"I loved the fact the consultation was on a one-to-one basis and the diet did not involve taking meal replacement drinks or supplements. Norah Lane, the founder of Dietcare, was my advisor and she was brilliant - her enthusiasm for the business was infectious. Once I had lost the weight I realised I wanted to become a diet advisor and help other people lose weight the healthy way. I approached Norah and asked her if she would consider taking me on as a franchise owner and she agreed. Before I took over the established territory based in North Manchester I had to attend a comprehensive training course which included an exam. Since then I have received fantastic support from Norah - I contact her on a regular basis to discuss how my clinic sessions are going and any problems I have. I run a clinic at the Jewish Cultural Centre on a part-time basis and I continue to work as a receptionist at the doctor's surgery for three-evenings a week because I enjoy working there.

"Running my Dietcare franchise gives me great job satisfaction because I am helping people to lose weight, become more healthy and happy. My ability to empathise with my clients coupled with my dedication to the business - I always have my mobile phone with me, so my clients can contact me at any time - are, I think, the reasons why I have won the Established Dietcare Franchise Owner of the Year award.

"Having my hard work recognised in this way, has encouraged me to consider expanding the business and launching another clinic within my territory this year. That way I will be able to help more people and increase my income."