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Before Becoming a Franchisee I was...

With 25 years of experience as an accountant, Paul Matthews knew exactly what he was looking for when he invested in the CerTax Accounting franchise. \"I've worked for a number of medium to large size companies but I became frustrated with the corporate politics that often occurs between departments of big businesses,\"reveals Paul. \"I liked the idea of opening a small practice, went for my practicing certificate and started looking at what was on the market.\"

Realising that a franchise would be right for him, Paul looked at opportunities on the market and reveals that he felt most comfortable with CerTax. 'The company is very professional and I found that the franchise didn't have many restraints,' he adds. 'CerTax would let me run the business how I wanted.'

Already a qualified accountant, Paul says the training he received was professional and comprehensive. 'I had previous accountancy training and knew what level of standard to expect,' he explains. 'CerTax certainly matched this and also gives the franchisee the advantage by teaching them the benefits of the CerTax business model based upon an existing practice.'

Launching in August 2004, Paul enthusiastically set about growing his business through sheer hard work. 'It's largely up to me to find new business but I also have the support from CerTax's helpline and marketing department,' he says. 'They help with tele-canvassing and securing appointments, which is then down to me to convert into a client. I've found that CerTax is more than willing to help and impart advice, especially with the technical aspects of accounting.'

Paul says a CerTax franchisee should ideally have a grounding in accountancy and would recommend the franchise to anyone with the required skills. 'It's very well run and professional,' he enthuses. 'I have a high regard for Keith Bradshaw as the franchisor. CerTax has given me independence, increased my freedom, and provided me with a great deal more security - my hard work now directly benefits me.'