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CeX will continue its amazing growth

When Martin Hawthorne’s first CeX store in Birkenhead struggled, it was the guidance and support that the CeX franchise team gave him that propelled his business back to glory

Although business in 2014 for Martin Hawthorne is proving to be a successful one this wasn’t always the case. In 2011, just a year after opening his Birkenhead franchise, he ran into some trouble.

“Birkenhead suffered a sudden decline in sales during 2011 which really put us back and in a tight spot financially,” Martin explains.

CeX were there for me when I needed them. By working closely with their teams, who were all so supportive, we managed to get the business turned around, and not only turned around, it went steaming ahead and, out of more than 180 stores, it was fourth for growth in 2013.

”The support team behind CeX’s growth is second to none,having helped countless franchise owners become successful business owners. The team behind CeX’s growth has helped countless franchise owners to be successful and so they know exactly what it takes to create an arena in which a business can thrive. This know-howwas influential for Martin’s recovery in a difficult time. He continues: “No doubt, if we weren’t in the franchise, we would have been in trouble. In fact, I doubt any other franchise would of given the time, trust and input they did to support us through difficult times. To me, that means everything.”

Now Martin can look back on the difficult times with a smile knowing his current prosperity is a testament to the unquestionable support that CeX provides to each of its franchise owners. “I feel comfortable about my future and can see the path ahead. I’m more confident that I can enjoy life and I don’t have money worries anymore.

”Martin is planning to open two more stores in the not too distant future and it is fair to say he is very much looking forward to taking his set-up to four locations, but he will never forget how the CeX franchising team stuck by him when he needed them most.

Martin concluded by telling us why CeX should be the first on the list for any prospective franchise owner. “It’s clear that CeX will continue its amazing growth and worldwide success and I’m delighted to be a small part of that. I can wholeheartedly recommend CeX to anyone that has the desire to work hard to see reward.”