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Clem Munadzo, Daily Poppins, Southampton

Having worked for many years and still not achieved something tangible of my own I decided to start my own business. I had plenty of choice but the safest option available to me was to buy a franchise.

The idea of buying an existing brand, along with the expertise, was the only answer to my worries. I spent many months looking for a business that I could enjoy running, being an active hands-on person.

Initially I saw Daily Poppins advertised in The Franchise Magazine and was struck by the brand name, Daily Poppins, coupled with the advertisement layout. When I made contact with Daily Poppins I was glad to hear it from the horse's mouth as opposed to speaking to an appointed manager. I spoke to Nigel Bearman, the franchisor, who demonstrated profound knowledge of the business. I was invited to the head office and had a friendly chat about the business. It was following the meeting that I was convinced I had found my destiny.

As an active person I wanted a business that would get me out and about, and cleaning came top of the list. Nigel is open and honest and importantly he is the owner and not just a manager. The training was phenomenal and included hands-on training at the head office. I've had much more training, expert advice, and unwavering support than I could ever have wished for.

While to many it might seem too early to comment I feel well on the way to achieving my expectations. It is worth mentioning that in just two months of buying the franchise, I have doubled my turnover, ordered my second car and bought a second territory. To date, on average I pick up two new customers per week for a regular cleaning service even before the main marketing campaign has been implemented. I'm aiming to grow the business by putting more cars on the road and employing more staff. Joining Daily Poppins was easy. To me it feels like I have been reunited with my long lost family. It is a business I would recommend.