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Completing his hat-trick

With two successful stores already in operation, it was a no-brainer for technology enthusiast Gabriel Moreno to take his CeX ambitions to the next level.

Having gained management experience in a well-performing fast food franchise chain, Gabriel Moreno understood clearly the benefits of being part of such a framework, and was ready to step out on his own. In doing so, he sought an established brand that could match his own ambitions and, after discussing the options with associates as well as conducting his own research, CeX made an excellent impression, fulfilling all the criteria that he considered important to his decision.

“The level of knowledge, market experience and industry issues provided by a well-established franchise brand is definitely worthy to diminish the risk and achieve the desired success of my investment,” he explains.

Gabriel sought an efficient operation, proven track record, and very clear business concept, a brand that aligned with local demand in his area while providing start-up support. Training, coaching, motivation, equipment and general assistance were also key components of his own ideal franchise experience.

“CeX brings an innovative franchise model directly involved with the challenge of constantly moving products such as electronic devices, films, games, technology and entertainment in general,” he comments.

“Moreover, the flexible royalty policy and 12-month buy-back guarantee made me feel confident enough to get involved.” He is happy to report that CeX delivered on its promises, providing extremely robust training that prepared him well for the challenge ahead and continued support thereafter. He says: “I had over 600 hours practical in-store training experience across the different levels of the management hierarchy in a quintessential store, which make me feel ready to run my own unit and gave me a good start to be able to expand quickly.”

With the support offered by the CeX model, this expansion soon became a reality. Gabriel fast made a success of his first store in Poole and, confident in CeX’s ongoing support, was ready to branch out with a second location in Boscombe. With a similarly positive story there, and both stores generating impressive revenues, he was ready to complete the hat-trick, recently opening a third store in Fareham.

While it is early days for the new branch, Gabriel is confident that it will replicate the success of its predecessors. “The projected turnover might exceed our expectations with sales to-date,” he comments.

Therefore Gabriel sees no reason to stop there, and has ambitions to open one or two more additional branches in the coming months. For Gabriel, it is a highly rewarding experience to see his successful project expanding in an environment he enjoys. As a technology fan with a solid customer-service background, he sees CeX as ideal in that a typical day affords him hands-on experience of the latest gadgets, while serving customers to the highest standard. Gabriel’s journey is a strong example of what can be achieved in a short space of tine and with the right attitude, and he believes those with similar interests and ambitions in franchising need look no further than CeX.