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Debbie Pell, Ovenclean

'People are absolutely amazed!'

Before I joined Ovenclean, I spent 10 years working at a Call Centre. I was often bored and really wanted to make something more of my life, so I decided to look into running my own business. I gave a lot of thought to what I could offer that lots of people would want and that I could do really well - and when I came across Ovenclean I realised this was a business that could give me great job satisfaction and would be a great help to women with busy lives!

I launched my Ovenclean franchise this time last year and I've really enjoyed being my own boss. The run up to Christmas was incredibly busy as people began to panic about having their ovens nice and clean in time for the festive season. Lots of my existing customers booked an extra clean and they probably told all their friends about it too, because the phone never stopped ringing. I suppose that having the oven clean and ready for Christmas dinner was a huge weight off people's minds - there's enough to think about without worrying about the state of your oven! Oven cleaning is not just for Christmas though. Based on my first year's experience, I'm expecting demand to continue to grow.

I travel to customers' homes in my fully equipped Ovenclean van and provide whatever oven cleaning services are required, whether it's a regular visit to keep the oven up to scratch, or a thorough clean for ovens encrusted with grease and cooked on food deposits.

There's no typical customer. Some people are very house proud and want to keep their oven pristine, others are simply too busy to fit in cleaning the oven until it gets to a point where they can't put up with it any longer. No matter how dirty, I'm able to transform their oven so that it's virtually as good as new. In fact, people are absolutely amazed at the results and those who have never had their ovens cleaned professionally before invariably turn into regular customers.

I'm so pleased that I made the break from my old job and had the courage to start my own business with Ovenclean. It's brilliant working for myself and even better being so highly valued!