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Deepak Patel, Leicester

I'succeed or fail on my own merits

I've just completed my first five years as a ChipsAway franchisee and have now signed for a second five year term. I have a degree in electronics and before I joined ChipsAway, I spent seven years working as an engineer, both for small companies and for large corporations including Marconi. I always fancied being my own boss and when I saw at first hand how easily hard working people can get caught up in the fall out from someone else's mistakes, I was determined to take my future into my own hands and succeed or fail on my own merits - and so far I've done pretty well!

As an engineer, I'm a reasonably practical guy and like to work with my hands. I also like to be out in the field meeting different people and so ChipsAway seemed to offer the perfect opportunity for me. I was impressed by the Open Day that I attended and wasn't disappointed when it came to ChipsAway's training and support. Everything the company promised, it delivered!

I got off to a strong start with my business launch and things have progressed very well for me. I'm always busy and a lot of my work these days comes from word of mouth recommendation from satisfied customers, which is great.

I have two young children and for me one of the real benefits of the franchise is the flexibility it's given me. I work hard, but I can plan my hours around seeing as much as possible of the family and the financial rewards are certainly there too. I've really enjoyed the last five years and I'm looking forward to whatever challenges the next five years bring - becoming a ChipsAway franchisee was definitely the right decision for me!