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Frances O'Connor, London

\"I'enjoy the constant challenge of providing relevant research\"

I have run several businesses over the last 20 years in various business sectors. All have involved people and project management services alongside global marketing strategies. I was previously a client of AGR Cosmetics and was, therefore, aware of their business model and procedures. I have also had the benefit of knowing first hand the business and marketing benefits that result from their user trials.

Although my office is located in London, my franchise covers both the UK and Ireland. I offer a full-service operation and am currently working for two major household food and drink brands.

Even though AGR Food&Drink is a research-based organisation, it has been amazing to see the diversity of enquiries I have received from food and drink companies who require more than straight consumer trial research. These range from the analysis of consumer buying trends in very tightly focused socio-economic demographic or geographic area, bench marking research and even regional taste-related research to help manufacturers sell-in to major retailers.

What I enjoy most about my business is the constant challenge of providing relevant and pertinent research that enables my clients to make informed business decisions, especially in the current economic market. Clients with the benefit of cost-effective research as part of their business offer will tend, I believe, to succeed.

At the moment I am concentrating on rolling out my franchise offer over the coming months, starting with a series of research-led presentations to specific target groups within the food and drink industry, coupled with a PR campaign to the trade press. In the long-term I intend to focus on securing a large customer base across the whole spectrum of the food and drink sector.