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Franchisee Diary-Trevor Finlay based in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

PIC: Trevor (third from left) and Avril (fourth from left) surrounded by family and staff with Lady of the Lake Emma Flack cutting the tape to officially open the CEX Eniskillen store.

Picture courtesy of Fermanagh Herald

Before I became a CeX franchisee I worked in my family's supermarket business. I made the transition to CeX when my family sold the business due to dwindling profits as a result of big brand supermarkets monopolising the market.

I had enjoyed working for myself and liked the retail environment, so began researching different viable business opportunities. I explored buy, sell and exchange franchises and CeX caught my eye because I have a keen interest in the franchise's seven main product lines: DVDs, video games, computing, electronics, mobile phones, vision and music CDs. I also liked the fact I would be able to utilise my 20 years of retail experience and would have the safety net of working within a franchise, which would make the move from selling groceries to entertainment and electrical goods easier.

After a meeting with CeX Director Hugh Man and a three-day assessment on the shop floor in an existing store I signed the Franchise Agreement. I launched my franchise in Enniskillen in mid-July this year and thanks to the brand's strong reputation my store has been busy from day one. By the end of my first year I hope to branch out into Southern Ireland and open a store there and expect the business to generate a weekly turnover of about £20,000.

In terms of support and training, I had five days in-store training before I launched and then had help for the first three weeks of business from a Support Manager and small team. The fact I am never completely on my own and can phone anyone in head office or my Support Manager for advice is comforting. I am really pleased with my decision to invest in the CeX brand and love interacting with the customers. In five years time I can definitely see myself maintaining a hands-on role as a visible presence on one of my CeX shop floors.