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Freedom in Franchising...The benefits

More flexible working hours and greater free time to spend with the family, financial and personal rewards, and the freedom to make his own decisions appealed to ex-teacher Spenser Lees.

As a Charisnack franchisee he enjoys the fresh air, meeting new people and the constant change of scenery. 'I've never felt fitter in my life,' he exclaims. 'It's an easy business to run with minimal administration and I find it very rewarding in many ways.'

Operating from home, Spenser delivers healthy snack options supplied by Charisnack directly into the workplace, with a proportion of sales donated to the National Blind Children's Society.

'Charisnack is unique - it is the only company I could find which supplies healthy snacks directly into workplaces.'

'Employers love the service because they are helping to raise funds for a worthwhile cause, as well as encouraging staff to eat healthily. Staff love it because they can buy their favourite snack, and I love it because I feel my shop is always open - even when I'm on holiday.'

Spenser attributes his first year's successes largely to the support from Charisnack. 'My dedicated Support Manager calls me every week to pass on tips and best practice, to advise on new innovations and corporate developments. Within the last three months we have seen some new lines added to the range, improved volume discount scheme and the introduction of a larger point-of-sale display unit - together they have increased my product sales and profitability.'

Looking forward to year two, he reveals: 'I have just under 300 customers and am exceeding estimates. There's still scope to increase my customer base and I'm considering putting a second van on the road. I'm looking forward to this year and seeing how far I can grow the business.'