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He's Electric

Mark Ryland was an IT professional. Working long hours in a monotonous role wore Mark down, until a few years ago, when he decided to take control. Now, he is the affluent owner of a thriving Mr Electric business, which has changed the lives of both him and his family. Gareth Samuel reports.

Investment Required:
£16,000 + VAT
plus working capital.

According to a recent finding published at the London School of Economics – perhaps a little unsurprisingly – most people are unhappy and stressed while at work.

These findings are extremely relatable for Mark. He explains: “I sat down with my wife and she asked me why I wasn’t happy at work, and where I was happiest. She pointed out that as an electrical engineer with an MBA, I ought to be running my own electical company.”

Mark found that even with a business background, the simplest solution to starting an electrical business and to get it running quickly was to look at franchising. Mr. Electric offered a turnkey business model, which was suitable for an upstart or an established business.

Mark adds: “Mr. Electric provided the support to help me run a business. I found out there is much to be learned from surrounding franchise owners and other franchise owners I met. There was also a lot of business support and technical support. I don’t know how we could have got on without it, to be honest.”

Mr. Electric is a management and owner -operated franchise that provides a range of electrical services, including installation, repair work and upgrades to both domestic and commercial customers. Mark started Mr. Electric London South West in 2005, and his operation now includes four technicians, nine employees and five vehicles that serve a territory of 750,000 people. Mark’s Mr. Electric is a true family business, incorporating his wife and two sons, meaning the family is able to spend more quality time together.

“Before I started my Mr. Electric franchise, my typical day would begin with leaving for work at about six or seven o’clock in the morning and an early day home would be half past six in the evening. I didn’t get to see my family growing up,” says Mark. “When we started our own business, Liz and I made a conscious decision to take our daughter to school every morning and pick her up in the afternoon. We are able to do that most days now.”

Mark is passionate about his work and excels in a role that challenges him daily. He attributes this to being able to make his own schedule and work on his own time.

As a company that is committed to its franchise owners’ personal and professional success, Mr. Electric has assisted many in reinvigorating their careers, enabling franchise owners the freedom to take control of their lives.