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I fell in Love with Franchising and Chose ChipsAway!

Lee Smith had long dreamed of being his own boss, but concluded that the risks of ‘going it alone’ were too great.

However, once he discovered the opportunities offered in the franchising sector, he made up his mind to make the change and just six months later is running a thriving ChipsAway business which is earning him more than his previous role as an experienced sales consultant in the construction industry.

“It’s absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done,” he beams. “I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I’m more excited and optimistic about life than ever before!”

Lee’s background is in the construction industry, a sector hit particularly hard by recession. Accordingly, stress levels were high and Lee had become fed up with the pressure and insecurity of employment. Sick of working hard for others, he researched potential franchise businesses and quickly identified ChipsAway.

“I wanted a business that would enable me to use my sales experience, but was more hands-on and varied,” he explains. “I looked at a few options, but ChipsAway took my eye from the start. After attending their Open Day I came away certain that this was the business for me.”

Lee launched his business in the summer last year and was delighted with his training, the support he received and the results of his professionally organised launch. Over his first weekend, Lee estimated over £12,000 worth of work – with enough firm bookings to keep him busy for over a month. The work has continued to flow in and Lee has now taken on an apprentice, with a view to expanding his operation and investing in a second van this spring. He says he is already better off than before and expects to turnover between £60,000-80,000 in his first year.

“The first few months have been fantastic,” he says. “We didn’t get a holiday last year because of my summer launch, so I promised the family some winter sunshine. Next week we’re off to Mexico for some well-earned rest – and for once, I’ll actually be looking forward to getting back to work!”