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Ian Coombes, Caremark

Within a year of launching my franchise I've developed my initial territory of Somerset and Sedgemoor, won the Caremark Award for Excellence for 2007, and I'm currently looking for suitable premises in Bristol and Swansea so I can expand my business.

As well as operating my Caremark franchise I've continued my previous career of running a care home company. I decided to join Caremark as I wanted to open an agency with a good brand. After two weeks' intensive training I launched my franchise in May 2007. Since then I've recruited an excellent team to help drive my business forward.

My team includes Gail Jones our associate director, who has project managed the opening of our satellite office in Weston, and our territory manager Sandra Blackmore, who is aided by a four strong team. Business in my initial territory has been very good and I'm aiming to achieve a year one turnover of £420,000. With the help of Gail, I'm currently concentrating on developing my Bristol and Swansea regions. We are hoping to achieve a lease for a Bristol office soon and in Swansea we are currently awaiting planning permission for a high street shop location.

Although not a get rich quick scheme, the Caremark franchise offers a successful format, which is tried and tested. It also offers support from the best management support team in the business, and the whole franchise network is dedicated to providing excellent care.