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Jim Wotherspoon, Minster, Glasgow North

\"I value the flexibility that running my franchise brings\"

On the recommendation of his accountant, experienced business owner Jim Wotherspoon snapped up the opportunity of owning a Minster business when it became available in his area. "I liked the idea of franchising because the brand name is already established and you know that the business has to have a good level of success to be franchising," explains Jim, who began looking for a new opportunity when his previous business saw its customer base relocate outside the UK.

"I chose to invest in a Minster franchise as it is a family orientated business and the branch in my area was up for sale," he continues. "Although the business was already established when I took over, I have been able to quickly increase my turnover by concentrating on local area marketing. I have worked hard and am now achieving an annual turnover of £1.2 million."

Before taking over the Minster franchise in September 2004 Minster provided Jim with a week of comprehensive training at its head office, followed by hands-on training in existing Minster offices. Five years on he has no regrets about committing his future to the Minster franchise. "The success of my previous business ensured that I enjoyed a good standard of living and becoming a Minster franchise owner has enabled me to maintain that," he reflects.

"I value the flexibility that running my franchise brings and the fact that I am able to take a holiday without worrying, as I know I have a good team of staff to continue the business while I am away. At the moment my main priority is to see my business through the recession - it's requiring hard work but I am confident that in the future I will continue to grow."