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John Miles, Revive!

Nearly four years on since launching my Revive! franchise I am a lot happier and less stressed than when I worked as a retail manager.

I decided to set-up my own business while working as a retail manager, as I thought if I could run a business for someone else then I could run my own business. I chose to buy a franchise because you know you will have the support of an experienced head office.

Prior to launching my business in August 2006 I received full training from head office, which covered both the practical aspect of the business as well as sales and marketing. Since the launch, I have had a great deal of support from head office with marketing, as well as general help over the phone. When I came across Revive! at a franchise show it immediately appealed to me because the people I spoke to were open, honest and gave no false promises. In fact Revive! undersold its opportunity, as they now provide national accounts which is fantastic form of income, but they never promised to do this initially.

I really enjoy being my own boss and I feel in control of my own destiny. It also feels good knowing that the money I make is my own money.

I'm currently on a turnover of around £50,000, however I want to grow my business and in the next few months I will look at taking on an employee.