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Join a booming commercial cleaning market with Dublcheck

Backed by a guaranteed turnover scheme, Dublcheck franchise owners are thriving in the booming commercial cleaning market. Founder and Chairman Carol Stewart-Gill shares what Dublcheck franchise owners say

Elaine MacTavish
Carol Stewart-Gill

Whatever your background, investing in a Dublcheck franchise can make you a success. Dublcheck has seen an increase in turnover in excess of 10 per cent in this so called doom and gloom climate. Why? Because everywhere you look, buildings still need cleaning. The Dublcheck system puts its new franchise owners on the road to success by actually getting the business for them.

Dublcheck is the franchise where you don't need to be able to sell. Commercial cleaning is one of the best industries to join as a franchise owner because it's a market that is more robust and recession resistant than most others, due to the fact the build-up of dirt never stops and every building, office and shop needs regular cleaning.

There are lots of gimmicky businesses, but there is nothing quite like commercial cleaning. Dublcheck franchise owner Graham Hey joined Dublcheck on a £48,000 turnover and is now turning over £400,000 and has increased turnover in the last 12 months by 30 per cent. Franchise owners Stuart and Patricia joined on a £86,000 turnover and have doubled it in two years, while Stewart Weatherill joined in September 2007 on a turnover of £24,000 per annum, which has quadrupled in the last 12 month.

Dublcheck obtains all the business for you, so you know exactly what turnover you get. You can start with the minimum turnover of £14,400 per annum if you want to run your business hands-on and start small while retaining the security of your current position, or you can purchase up to £500,000 per annum if you want to run a management business.

Franchise owner Mujeeb invested in a guaranteed turnover of £120,000, which Dublcheck achieved in year one. "As you learn the business Dublcheck builds up the sales for you at your own pace," he adds. Maintaining the business at £150,000 turnover, Mujeeb and wife Maureen have adopted fully managerial positions and employ a team of cleaners.

Central to Dublcheck's 17 year success story is its dedication to ensuring franchise owners have all the tools and knowledge they need to uphold the values of the Dublcheck brand, which has resulted in a 90 per cent client retention rate. For your initial investment you will receive an initial training course, ongoing training and support, access to branded uniforms, products, sales and marketing tools and stationery.

All invoicing and money collection is managed electronically by Dublcheck allowing the franchise owner to concentrate on developing lasting client relationships. Mujeeb confirms: "Everything is handled by an internet accessed database, which handles all aspects including invoicing, documentation, debt management, sales history and general communications. This makes managing the business that much easier and allows you to concentrate on dealing with staffing, customers and suppliers."

Established in 1993, Dublcheck has grown into a national network of over 100 franchise owners. Carol asserts: "With our experience and track record, we can safely say that if you put in the effort and follow the system, with a Dublcheck franchise the rewards are there for everyone to see."

Franchise Owner Diary

Elaine MacTavish

In the first six months since launching my business Dublcheck helped to build it up to a guaranteed level of turnover through its national sales team. That meant I didn't have to cold call or even spend money on any marketing or advertising! Being in business is tough but having Dublcheck to support me and guarantee me customers puts my mind at rest.

Ken Holland

I decided franchising was the way to go when I was made redundant from my job in agriculture in 1998. I wanted to get involved in a repeat business industry which would provide a sensible income - contract cleaning met my requirements and after investigating a number of companies I recognised that Dublcheck offered the best package.

My goal was to reach annual sales of £100,000 by the end of year two, but I smashed that and took £119,000. The business reached a turnover of £230,000 in 2005 and I have since been concentrating on my most profitable accounts to ensure I meet the high levels of service this business requires. After nine years in the business I'm at the point where my mortgages are almost paid off and my income requirements are dropping, so I plan do a few things I've always wanted such as going travelling in Australia.

Turnover Guarantee


  • Where will my business come from?
  • How much will I make?
  • How big can I grow?


  • Guaranteed turnover
  • Guaranteed growth
  • New franchise owners choose a guaranteed initial turnover and are secure in the knowledge they have the choice of a guaranteed growth option to meet their ambitions when they are ready.

    Benefits of Dublcheck are:

    • 17 years' experience of setting people up in business
    • Low cost entry
    • Invoicing and cash collecting
    • Recession-proof utility business
    • Rapid return on investment
    • Low overheads requirement
    • Feeling part of the team
    • Training and ongoing support from head office
    • A mentor franchise owner to guide and assist
    • Cleaning is the UK's largest single industry - with the commercial cleaning sector worth over £3 billion