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Kate Torrens Caremark, Kensigton &'Chelsea

There is a very positive energy in Caremark

I have always had an interest in the provision of home care as I truly believe the home to be the best place for clients. It has the additional benefit of being a more cost effective way of delivering care for people who need it and, as such, a better use of public and private resources. Franchising is a logical choice for me as it provides me with the freedom of my own business with the benefits of a larger organisation and the experience of a franchisor.

Caremark's genuine interest in making a difference to clients lives and in valuing staff was a huge appeal for me. As was the comprehensive training and support package and the Managing Director's exceptional history in the domiciliary care sector. I feel that there is a very positive energy in Caremark.

At the moment I'm in the process of registering with the Commission for Social Care Inspection and I anticipate launching in mid-August this year. I am, however, looking forward to establishing a happy team and work environment that delivers a service that I'm proud of and provides clients and carers with peace of mind. There is the challenge of growing the business and I'm looking forward to celebrating with my team as we achieve milestones.

In the future I hope to have the business operating in a way that I can balance my family and work life - that is the priority. Feeling good about what we are doing is also personally very important to me and has the benefit of maintaining motivation and energy. I want to go to work and do something I'm proud of and love doing, I'm confident I can achieve all that.