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London House International continues to expand its services

A number of London House’s most recent franchise owners have been adding new skills and services that will benefit the entire franchise network

INVESTMENT REQUIRED £10,750 - £19,750 + VAT

The latest addition to the London House International network, Alistair Howard (pictured right) brings a wealth of banking experience that is set to prove an asset to clients in his Liverpool territory.

“At the time I left banking in 2009, my job as a Relationship Director was no longer about customer relationships and I didn’t like the direction the bank was going,” explains Alistair. “So, when I was asked to reapply for my job, I decided to take voluntary redundancy.”

After working as a business consultant, Alistair decided to invest in a franchise as he felt that his career path lacked the strategy and branding a franchise would provide.

His research led him to London House and, after speaking to a dozen of the company’s existing franchise owners, decided it would make the most of the skills he has acquired in the financial industry.

“I have a naturally inquisitive nature and the investigation side of the business really appealed to me,” says Alistair. “When I was working at the bank, I had to deal with a number of people who deliberately went out of their way not to pay what they owe. I believe that being a London House franchise owner dealing with such cases will help me redress that balance.”

The training Alistair received prior to launching his business has complemented his existing skills and he has nothing but praise for the way it is delivered.

“I knew that it would be hands-on after speaking to existing franchise owners,” he adds. “The best way to learn is to actually do the work and by, the second day of my training, I was out working on ‘live’ cases.”

Having launched his franchise in April, Alistair is now busy building up his client base and enjoying the variety of work being a London House franchise owner offers.

“As I have worked in Liverpool for many years, I know there’s a lot of scope for London House’s services,” he concludes.

Afew months after launching their London House London South East franchise, Chris Metalle and Chris Richards have acquired an asset recovery business, L&E Receivables, whose services will be available throughout the network.

This new side of the business will mainly concentrate on repossessing vehicles for London House clients, as well as managing arrears and carrying out field calls and trace work.

“We weren’t looking to add any new services, but an auditor we knew mentioned it to us and it seemed too good an opportunity to pass,” explains Chris Metalle. “The strength of the London House brand was a key reason we were chosen ahead of our competitors for the acquisition of L&E Receivables.”

Asset recovery isn’t the only initiative from Chris Metalle and Chris Richards that has been paying dividends for all London House franchise owners.

“We are also about to land an enormous contract dealing with older, probably fraudulent, credit card debts that will generate significant work for the entire network,” adds Chris Metalle.

To cope with demand for their services, Alex Barnetson has joined as partner to handle the L&E Receivables side of the business, while Nick Graves, a relative of Chris Metalle, will be handling the door to door enquiries so Chris can focus more on marketing and management duties.

“Chris and I have been concentrating on building up the London House franchise in London itself,” says Chris Metalle.

“We are even in talks with our neighbouring franchise owners to act collectively so that we are able to land even more lucrative contracts than if we pursued them individually.

“Since Chris and I became London House franchise owners, it has definitely been of mutual benefit to not only London House and ourselves but to the entire network.

Written by Fraser McKay