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Lori Monaghan, Venture Portraits, Tunbridge Wells

\"I have enjoyed a better lifestyle and income\"

An independent photography studio owner for 17 years, Lori Monaghan helped to co-found portrait photography franchise Venture in 2000, in order to re-brand photography as a fun and vibrant vocation. "By becoming a Venture franchise owner I am able to keep up to date with current trends and have access to ongoing training, which is fantastic. I own two studios, one in Tunbridge Wells and the other in Arundel and divide my time between the two.

"Over the years, I have enjoyed a better lifestyle and income, which in turn have enabled me to help my family achieve their goals. The money generated by the business enabled me to put my youngest son through Drama College so that he could pursue a career in acting, while my husband, who has always been interested in Art history, has been able to return to education without worrying about the financial implications."