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After spending most of the past 22 years aboard submarines patrolling the world's oceans, you could easily think that your choice of career might be limited.

Not so for Peter Moody, former Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer and now owner of Matrix-Direct-Recycle Newcastle. He's taking the skills learned in a career in the services and applying them to starting his own recycling business.

New legislation being introduced next year means that all waste electrical and electronic equipment must be recycled through an approved supplier. 'The UK produces 950,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment each year,' says Peter.

'I immediately recognised the huge potential of the market and the thing that stood out about Matrix-Direct-Recycle was the blue chip client base that they already have on a national level. As this is my first business I wanted the best possible support andMatrix-Direct-Recycle is the best possible company to offer me that.'

Matrix-Direct-Recycle offers a complete electrical recycling service, guaranteeing to reduce every item to its basic materials. Never refurbishing old IT equipment offers clients peace of mind that equipment containing confidential information will never be up for re-sale.