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My lasting success - Safeclean

Having launched his business in 1982, Geraint Williams is the longest serving Safeclean franchisee in the UK. Although he originally trained as an accountant he admits that it wasn't the career for him: \"I didn't like working within four walls and was looking to start up on my own,\"recalls Geraint. \"The question I faced however, was what to do?\"\r\n

After thorough research, Geraint understood what he should be looking for in a franchise but was still unsure of what business he would be suited to. With his father having been a carpet fitter, Geraint started looking into related businesses and the opportunity that really stood out for him was the Safeclean franchise.

Travelling to London for a meeting with the franchisor, Geraint recalls immediately clicking with the then family-run business and found to his delight that it would offer him exactly what he was looking for. 'It was hands-on, would let me get out and about and would provide me with a secure income,' he reminisces. 'I'd had no previous experience at all and as an accountant it was quite a change to learn sales techniques.'

However, with training, he was taught all he needed to know and within a few weeks his Chelmsford based business was up and running. 'After all this time I haven't looked back,' he reflects.Throughout the years, Geraint has seen a number of management changes but reports having always received consistently fantastic support through both head office and via regular problem-solving meetings. 'In the long-term, specifically with the introduction of a huge database of potential customers, I've found that the franchise has just got better and better,' he explains.

'After two decades I still enjoy the business and it is still growing year-on-year. Safeclean gives you the opportunity to grow the business as large as you like depending on how industrious you want to be. As a family man myself however, I think I have got the balance just right.'