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Nathan Bacon

\"Joining Autosheen certainly proved to be the right move for me\"

Before I joined Autosheen, I spent five years working for my Local Authority managing large environmental services contracts. Although I put in long hours, I felt undervalued. It had become stale and I was fed up with all the hassle surrounding the introduction of new European legislation, so I decided to look at starting my own business.

I was first drawn to valeting through a friend in the same business. He seemed to have plenty of work and clearly made good money, but I wanted the additional security of a franchise structure as well as the boost of existing business. Autosheen seemed the ideal choice for me because I've always been a manager and have no experience in sales, so the opportunity to tap into a large National Account customer base was very attractive to me, as was the company's long standing track record and strong ongoing support of franchisees.

Joining Autosheen certainly proved to be the right move for me. Now, my efforts are directly rewarded through the success of my business and I have plenty of scope to develop and grow. I've ditched the frustrations and stress of contract management and I'm working fewer hours for better money - not only that, but the move from an office based job to running a hands-on, physical business has helped me drop half a stone and get fit!

Before I came on board Autosheen had one of its 'floating operatives' servicing the National Account requirements in my area, so when I took over the franchise territory, all that existing business naturally reverted to me. As a result, I picked up regular contracts to service customers including Virgin Media, HM Revenue & Customs and Inchcape, the company that leases cars to the DWP. My first priority now is to attract more regular high end private clients to supplement my thriving National Account business - that would really be the icing on the cake!