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Passion for gadgets leads to franchise success

Just months into his franchise opportunity in the London Borough of Lewisham, Safwan Adam is already considering multiple franchise ownership.

Safwan Adam is under no doubt why he chose to bring his entrepreneurial flair to a CeX franchise. “I chose CeX franchising because it’s the best franchise out there,” he said unequivocally.

A graduate just out of university, having studied Aeronautical Engineering, Safwan set up his own printing company first off. When that sold, his desire was to “go bigger and better” so he chose CeX.He picked CeX as much out of his respect for the level of training and support it offered, as for his love of gadgetry and technology.

Safwan remarks: “Although you are paying for the brand, you’re also paying for the support structure. You’re paying for all the people that come behind the name. CeX had the strongest infrastructure and I saw that. I researched many franchises and looked at their performance to date.”Although initially attracted by the level of training, structure and the support, he commented that once in the door, new recruits have a wealth of people to go to, ask questions of and share potential issues with. “You’re not alone with a CeX franchise. It’s a franchise with a future,” exclaims Safwan, but the fondness that emanates from his words make his colleagues sound a lot like friends.

Safwan describes the training and support he received from CeX as “very comprehensive”. He said: “As well as Area Managers and Franchise Managers, there’s the commercial team, which supplies constantly updated pricing to keep you continuously competitive. “There is always someone there for me. I can call any time of the day and they’ll be more than happy to advise me,” he adds.

His CeX brethren have helped him get this far and he has trust that the franchisor will help him to grow: “Any kind of challenge that we have faced has been with the support of the CeX and we have overcome it. CeX has left me to run my business, which is exactly what I want. “All you’re doing is interacting with customers, managing your staff and taking care of the things that are most important.”

CeX’s turn-key approach to supporting its new recruits does not peter out the longer an owner is in situ in their store. CeX takes care of the pricing, stock structure and also ensures that each store has the best stock it possibly can.

For Safwan, the benefits of his franchise are unmistakeable: “I have more free time and a better balance between work and personal life. Being a CeX franchisee has helped me organise my life better. “When I trained at CeX, it was relaxed and never felt like robotic retail. It felt much easier and fun. You want something you enjoy and that you want to come back to. That’s what CeX is all about; it’s made me enjoy life a bit more.”

Safwan advises those with a franchise itch to scratch it with CeX: “The advice I’d give is to go ahead and do it! There’s no other franchise out there that will give you the same amount of support as CeX. It is the best franchise out there because it’s always adapting to the market,” he concludes.
It’s this appreciation of his franchisor that compels Safwan to become a multiple CeX storeowner. The Franchise Magazine wishes him every success.