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Revive! your working life!

Major Jon Arundel and RAF Officer Kiri Chiakli are two Service leavers who have recently taken on a franchise in different parts of the country


Self-employment is one of the options available to Service leavers. While there are risks involved in starting up a new business these can be seriously mitigated when taking on a quality franchise, which will offer new starters the training, support and experience of a tried and tested formula.

Major Jon Arundel sees self-employment as hugely empowering: “I have been managing people for most of my life and the idea of controlling my own life and being self sufficient was really important to me when I returned to Civvy Street.”

Former RAF Officer Kiri Chiakli equally enjoys the freedom of working for himself in the new world. “The weather can be a challenge at times as we are working outside but the skills I learned in the Forces have been invaluable,” he explains.

“I pride myself on the hard work that I put in, and the quality of workmanship and the discipline of constantly providing a good service to my customers is above and beyond what other people provide. Turning up on time to appointments, being approachable and friendly and maintaining high quality standards are all vital to the success of my business.”

After 34 years in the Forces, Jon is excited about the new opportunity: “I have always liked cars and when I saw the technology available to undertake the type of repairs we can do, I knew that this was the business for me!

“There are always slight concerns in terms of changing careers and adapting to civilian life but the training I have received from Revive! has been fantastic. I have spent time learning the technical processes and the trainers have been first class. This has left me with new skills and huge confidence. My task now is to learn the new routine and establish my Revive! business in my local territory before I expand and add further vans to the fleet. The ultimate goal is to run a multi-van business.”

While Jon has recently launched his new business, Kiri has been trading a little longer and will achieve sales of just over £3,000 in his third month.

“It’s been a fantastic start – and I really enjoy working for myself,” enthuses Kiri. “Being part of a franchise gives me extra security, as the support from the Revive! team has been unbelievably good. Not just the training, but the brand name and the support are really strong reasons why franchising is a great way to take on your own business. I think that potential Service leavers are a good fit with this type of self-employment. The key skills that we learn in the Forces of hard work and the discipline to follow systems are great for franchising. I had high expectations of the business and the start up – and I have to say that my expectations have been met!”

Jon sums up his new experience in Civvy Street: “I think it is important that people investigate their options before deciding on a new career. When taking on a business or a franchise think carefully because it is a commitment – but I love my new business.”

Revive! Auto Innovations is a leading mobile paint repair franchise that continues to innovate and pioneer within the SMART repair field. Revive! is the first company to open an IMI approved accreditation centre for its technical processes and its technicians are in the process of being assessed and accredited for technical competence with the ATA for Cosmetic repair.

Written by Mark Llewellyn