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Scoring a triple whammy

In little under four years, CeX franchise owner Ismail Ladha has gone on to open three successful stores. He talks to The Franchise Magazine about his journey and why he would recommend franchising to others.

Even prior to becoming a CeX franchise owner in 2010, the year in which he launched his Scunthorpe store, Ismail Ladha understood the benefits that came from being his own boss.

“Before launching my first CeX franchise, I ran an independent mobile phone store,” Ismail explains. “While I certainly enjoyed the freedom that being my own boss provided me, I soon came to realise that there were even greater benefits to be gained from being part of a bigger group, specifically the support structure. It was with this in mind that I began pursuing a franchise opportunity that would best match my own skills and passion.”

The CeX brand stood out to Ismail because it was a similar business to the one that he was already operating. What also appealed to him was the fact that CeX offers full training and support throughout the life of the business and possesses a team who work everyday to ensure that franchise owners achieve the best possible margins, while keeping their customers happy and keen to return.

Such was the success of Ismail’s Scunthorpe store, which quickly became a highly profitable CeX store, that he was able to go on to open in another location, in Ashton-Under-Lyne, soon after. Today, Ismail is the proud owner of three stores and he has no intentions of ending his expansion plans there.

“The training and personal development offered is a key part to the success of all of my own stores and of CeX in general,” Ismail continues. “New developments and systems are introduced regularly to improve the business and ensure we keep up to date with trends in the marketplace.”

Ismail is happy to admit that business has been challenging at times during the last four years, however he is quick to point out that it has been, and continues to be, highly rewarding. “Dealing with new people everyday, developing a customer base and managing staff in multiple locations is both exciting and a little daunting at times,” he says. “Luckily I have good people working for me and a great support team who enable me to manage my sites and business.”Ismail’s own successes with CeX, and franchising in general, certainly makes for a powerful case study for anyone who is considering such a career move.

“The greatest part of this franchise is that everyday is different and in four years I can safely say I have never been bored or not had something to keep me busy,” Ismail concludes. “I would recommend the franchise to anyone who is passionate about entertainment technology and who likes working with and dealing with the public.”