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SITB gives me support and independence

Franchise Owner : Stewart Dearling Area : Brighton, Chichester & Crawley

I had run a successful car showroom since 1968. When the property I ran the business from was sold, I wondered what I would do. I thought 'I'm too young to retire at 62' but didn't really want to set up a new business from scratch so was looking for an established company which gave me theindependence I have always had.

After reading about the Snack In The Box franchise in The Franchise Magazine, I discovered that it met all my criteria. I found them to honest and professional. Since launching my franchise in Chichester, Brighton and Crawley area in November 2009, I have been impressed that Head Office really are interested in my welfare. The training they gave me was excellent and taught me a lot of things. I like the fact that should I have any problems that there is someone at the end of the line to help me.

Head Office were also very helpful at the start as they found all of my 75 customers and installed all of the machines too. Since the launch, I have been expanding my client base. The business has been going so well that my wife Jennifer will be joining me in the near future too.

I am very happy continuing as I am doing and am delighted that I am going to hit my three-month target of having a turnover of £2,500 a week.

I have no qualms in recommending the SITB franchise to anyone with energy and a positive outlook as the work is very enjoyable and it is very interesting meeting lots of different people.