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SITB really do deliver what they promise

Franchise Owner : Sandy Butler Area : West Lothian

Before launching my Snack In The Box business in 2008, I'd worked in retail, moving into sales and had worked for a cake company for 12 years in the vans.

When I was made redundant, a contact put me in touch with a wholesale snack company, which delivered to Snack In The Box franchise owners. After comparing my lifestyle to theirs, Ifound that theirs was better than mine. They had a good work life balance and could choose what hours they worked and they seemed to have real job satisfaction. I'm a great believer in that you get out of a business what you put in, and that is what attracted me to becoming a SITB franchise owner.

As I had first hand experience of seeing SITB franchise owners at work and how professional everybody was, I was more than happy to go for it. Since I signed up for the West Lothian franchise, the support has been superb. The first day I launched the business, to help me get up and running, two men from SITB Head Office came up and canvassed the area so that I had 150 customers from the very start as well as showing me how to attract new customers.

SITB really do deliver what they promise. Within two weeks I had 150 customers and an instant cash flow. The area I cover is very big and so in January 2010 I employed a former work colleague to operate a second van. I am looking to turnover £2500 a week per van and I'm in discussion with SITB about taking on second territory in Dundee to Dunfermline once we have built up the client base for the second van.

If you are looking to grow a business, the potential with a SITB franchise is definitely there. If you'd rather aim for a comfortable lifestyle, that is there as well.

Having become a SITB franchise owner, I feel as though I am finally getting a reward for my hard work, whereas before it had been benefiting someone else.