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Take control of your future

Dublcheck franchise owner Graham Hey has seen his franchise flourish since 2004 when he bought his £48,000 turnover package. Today, with Dublcheck's guidance, he has grown the business to a £360,000 annual turnover

\"Today I am enjoying an annual turnover of £360,000 with over 80 accounts on the books...invoicing £30,000 a month.\"

When Graham Hey was made redundant from his role as Managing Director of a large textile firm he decided to take control of his future by investing in a Dublcheck franchise. 'Facing redundancy in my 50s was unsettling,' explains Graham. 'I needed job security, as I had no intention of retiring in the foreseeable future and wanted to regain control of my life. Running my own business was the ideal solution. I chose to invest in a franchise because I did not have the time to test a business model or product and franchising allowed me to be my own boss and receive ongoing training and support.'

Graham researched different business ventures in magazines and visited franchise exhibitions at London and Birmingham NEC. While recruitment franchises initially interested him professional commercial cleaning company Dublcheck's 15-year track record coupled with its management franchise package and guaranteed turnover appealed to him more.

He says: 'I was happy to explore opportunities in different industries. I felt the notion of a guaranteed turnover* would allow me to focus my energy on the other areas within the business, confident in the knowledge Dublcheck would ensure I would meet my target. I believe a lot of businesses fail because they miscalculate their projected turnover and overspend. So for me, a guaranteed turnover* was a good safety harness.

'A management franchise was ideal because I wanted to utilise my previous managerial experience and leave the day-to-day running to my staff, enabling me to focus on the bigger picture. When I spoke to Dublcheck at the exhibitions I was impressed by their professionalism, openness and realistic aspirations. I have been a Dublcheck franchise owner for four years now and in this time my business has experienced significant growth. In February 2004 I started on a £48,000 turnover package. Today I am enjoying an annual turnover of £360,000 with over 80 accounts on the books and the business invoicing £30,000 a month.'

Graham found the transition from textiles to cleaning daunting in the first six months, as he had to learn about a new industry and a new business model. However, the ongoing training and support Dublcheck provides its franchise owners helped him stand on his own two feet. He found the 24-hour employment helpline invaluable with its advice on employment legislation ensuring as an employer, he did everything by the book.

'I am very happy with my decision to invest in Dublcheck,' he reflects. 'I love the fact that the harder my team and I work the higher the returns. My team consists of an Operations Manager, Administration Manager, Supervisors and cleaners. Together they work together to manage the day-to-day running of the business. Over the next five years I aim to continue building up the business. Retirement is not on the agenda, but it is nice to know that if and when I decide to, it will be at my own discretion.'