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The birth of a National phenomenon

Most people of a certain age are happy to tell you, without a jot of ambiguity, where they were when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. What that historic small step represented was the key to literally a whole new world of possibility. For those, like myself, who are immersed in the franchise industry, the exciting establishment of the UK’s inaugural sásta fitness and weight loss franchise location was always likely to be one of those moments. Gareth Samuel reports

Joe Keaney, 54

Struggling with weight has been very difficult for me but sásta has just turned my life around.My energy levels have increased so much and I am now fitter and feeling 20 years younger. I worked hard, but the sásta team members are just fantastic; they have been with me every step of the way, motivating me when I’m finding it tough and I love the sásta atmosphere.

Lost 21lbs. in 12 weeks

For almost a year, the sásta fitness and weight loss franchise has been one of the most genuinely exciting franchises operating in Ireland. Founder Fiona Egan has won a string of business awards and existing franchise owners have thrived as Irish customers wake up to the incredible results that the patented sásta fitness pod can offer.

Now the business has proudly announced Manraj Singh has become the first sásta UK franchise owner with his new location in Brighton. “Personally, I really liked the concept,” he explains. “I knew that Fiona was a good partner and we just clicked straight away.”

Manraj, with the full support and assistance of Fiona and the sásta team, identified a location in Brighton to set up his first studio. As an undeniably affluent city the sásta demographic is apparent in numbers. What appealed to Manraj most about the sásta system is the weight loss results that the fitness pods provide to customers. Having suffered with weight issues in the past, Manraj knew he wanted to invest in a business that would give something back to his customers and that he could also turn a good profit from. “I looked at some other franchises but I was really impressed with the sásta pods concept and most importantly, the amazing client results,” recalls Manraj. “It is important for me to help people who are overweight and reduce their chances of long-term illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or strokes etc. and the sásta concept is ideal for this. The energy that Fiona has just rubs off on you. Even though I studied hospitality at University, one sásta session convinced me that the sásta fitness franchise opportunity too good to turn down.” Manraj is planning to establish his business in the Brighton area in 2014, hitting his initial three-month targets before looking at opening a second studio. “I knew that Brighton was a good area to start in,” continues Manraj, “because of the vibrant feel of the city and the fact that the people want to feel and look good too and sásta can guarantee this. I also think this is an area where people want to look and feel good and sásta can help them achieve this.”

Over in Ireland, sásta has been generating national headlines for months. Having featured in countless national television programmes and print publications, franchise owners are really feeling the financial benefit. It is extremely likely then, that the business is set to take the UK by storm too, now that it has an initial conduit to do so.

Manraj is set to go through extensive training very soon and the central sásta team will be heavily involved in ensuring the launch programme goes swimmingly, as it has done for countless franchise owners in Ireland already. “I loved that this was a brand new concept with little competition. Being the first franchise owner in the UK, I realise I am going to get the extra attention from sásta but for me this is just a bonus. I am confident that the results we can offer people will allow me to hit my targets.

“The fact that it appeals to such a wide range of people from the overweight wanting to get fit, normal every day gym users to athletes means that there is a large audience for sásta. The anti-gravity machine too helps people overweight, who normally may not be able to exercise as much as they would like to due to having hip replacement, joint pains or even requiring to lose weight in order for any type of surgery.”The sásta service offering has the weight of television and print media, scientific and medical testimonials and a client base that is growing as fast as its cumulative waistline is shrinking. It is no mystery then, what benefit Manraj saw in becoming the first UK franchise owner of this truly pulse-raising brand.