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The business that really cares

Before becoming a Right at Home UK domiciliary care franchise owner, Andrew Davis enjoyed a career as an Army Officer. Now, his care business is well established in the Bournemouth area and he has his sights firmly set on expansion. Gareth Samuel reports

I would definitely recommend this business to anyone in the market for a really good venture. Once you establish yourself and get the right people in place, it is a really great business.

Andrew Davis,

Right at Home UK
Franchise Owner

Having been trained extensively in the armed forces, Andrew has brought skills to his new role that have helped him become successful. He explains: “I like to think that there is an element of planning that overlaps both my previous role in the armed forces and in this business too. There has to be coordination in this business to ensure clients are happy.”

Andrew knew that he wanted to become his own boss and Right at Home UK fitted all of his ambitions. “The big thing for me was going into business for myself, whether that was starting up my own business or going into franchising. Right at Home UK appealed to me straight away. As I was new to the business world but I could see that it was a great company with Ken Deary at the Head and I knew I would get the support I needed to be successful.”

Right at Home UK is one of the leading care franchises in the UK today and has grown rapidly over the past few years. What has enabled the business to flourish so quickly is the training that each owner receives in line with the company ethos. “The training was excellent. Before experiencing it, I imagined it would just be going through paperwork about the business but over the two weeks I learned everything I needed to know to start running my own business,” explains Andrew.

“I would say of all the support that Right at Home UK has given me, the most invaluable was helping with site selection and choosing a Care Manager. I must have seen over 50 CVs when I was recruiting for a Care Manager but they knew exactly what to look for and conducted telephone interviews for me before we eventually chose the right person.”

Now, Andrew’s role is very different to the one he fulfilled as part of the armed forces. “I have got two main roles which are business development and recruitment, along with overseeing the business as a whole,” he says. “One of the most important things in my opinion is letting people get on with the jobs they were hired for.”

Having established his business through excellent recruitment and building lasting relationships with clients and local hospitals, Andrew is fully committed to the expansion of his franchise. “I hope to double the size of my business in the next 12-18 months by recruiting the right people and planning ahead with the management staff,” he says. “Through maintaining high standards of care we have given ourselves a really good reputation in the Bournemouth area and we get plenty of business because of it.”

Right at Home UK has given Andrew a profitable career in an sector that provides a truly necessary service for those that need it. As modern medicine continues to elongate our lives, domiciliary care is a market sector with a bright future, and Right at Home UK is a business at the heart of that projected success. Andrew concludes: “I would definitely recommend this business to anyone in the market for a really good venture. You have to take a deep breath as it is a serious investment and you have to get the right area. It can be a bit dicey for the first year but once you establish yourself and get the right people in place, it is a really great business.”