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Upgrade your career with CeX

For gadget lover Sagar Patel, second-hand entertainment franchise CeX was the fast-paced career change he had been looking for

With little business experience behind him, former Accountant Sagar Patel was eager to find a new opportunity that would provide him with a proven business model and innovative product offering.

“I’ve not run my own business before, so I thought it would be good to choose a franchise that would support me and show me new ideas,” explains Sagar.

In the fast and ever developing world of high-end electronic entertainment, CeX provides a valuable service to technology enthusiasts wishing to stay ahead of the game.

By selling and buying second-hand goods from seven different product lines, which include DVDs, video games, CDs, mobile phones, vision, computing and electronic products, CeX allows consumers to keep up with ever changing technical products in an affordable and reliable way.

To ensure Sagar got his business off to the best start possible, CeX provided him with ongoing step-by-step support, starting with initial training, store location identification, store design, stock selection and hands-on operations training.

“Before launching my Hackney-based franchise, I worked in CeX stores for four months,” says Sagar. “I had problems with the store build, but CeX was always there to resolve the issues.

“I got a little nervous before the launch, but the sale figures have been strong and CeX is on hand if I need any help. I also had a fantastic CeX Roaming Manager who supported me for two weeks after my store had opened.”

Once up and running, franchise owners receive ongoing training and procedure updates together with expert advice on further stock selection, testing, marketing, loss prevention and pricing updates via CeX’s bespoke EPOS system, that has been specially designed over 20 years for buying and selling.

“Since launching my store, the biggest challenge I’ve had to face is being on my feet everyday,” laughs Sagar. “I’m used to being behind a desk!

“Being an Accountant was too easy and far too comfortable. Being my own boss, but with the backup of the established CeX franchise behind me, is so much more satisfying.”

While franchise owners can benefit from the proven CeX business model, Sagar advises that you must still be willing to put in the hard work to become a successful franchise owner.

“Be ready for an emotional and physical roller coaster,” says Sagar. “Since joining CeX, my life has changed massively. Right now I spend my life in the store, and weirdly enjoy every minute of it. You get out what you put in so I’m giving it 100 per cent to get things off the ground and growing.”

With his franchise achieving great success and having an estimated first year turnover target of over £1 million, Sagar aims to expand his business further.

“I want to grow this branch to it’s fullest potential and then open up more CeX branches,” he reveals. “My goal is to have a network of CeX stores and be the area owner manager of them all.”

Written by Tiffany Brooking