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Want guaranteed turnover? Join Dublcheck!

Over two decades of successfully setting people up in business

A former Senior Police Officer, Graham Coulston-Herrmann spent his career cleaning up the streets of Lancashire and found that, after 30 years of service, retirement was just around the corner. Having always wanted to run his own business, Graham saw retirement as the perfect opportunity to make his dream a reality.

“It’s something I have always wanted to do, but with very little business experience I knew that franchising would be the way forward for me,” he explains. “I was keen to find an opportunity that would utilise my skills, so I went to a franchise exhibition to see what was out there.”

Graham went to the exhibition with an open mind, considering all industries and investment levels, but there was one stand in particular that caught his eye.

“One thing that instantly appealed to me was the guaranteed turnover* that commercial cleaning franchise, Dublcheck offered,” says Graham. “I found this quality to be very reassuring and displayed great stability within the business model.

“I also liked that everyone I spoke to on the stand had been with the company for a long time, there was a real sense of loyalty and family within Dublcheck.”

Commercial cleaning is one of the best industries to join as a franchise owner because it’s a market that is more robust and recession resistant than most others, due to the fact the build-up of dirt never stops and every building, office and shop needs regular cleaning.

From an investment of £14,950 you can start with a minimum turnover of £14,000 per annum, if you want to run your business hands-on and start small while retaining the security of your current position. Alternatively, you can purchase with a view to achieving a turnover of up to £500,000 per annum if you want to run a management business.

“To help me gain a true insight into the franchise, Dublcheck allowed me to contact some of its franchise owners,” says Graham. “I was able to obtain a genuine and realistic look into the business – warts and all – and I was very impressed with what I heard.”

Having decided that Dublcheck was the business for him, Graham launched his franchise in October 2012 and has been delighted with the effect it has had on his life.

“In the beginning, I did some of the cleaning myself,” explains Graham. “I found the cleaning very therapeutic and even lost some weight. It’s great to feel that sense of achievement after doing a really good clean and knowing your clients are happy with your service. It was a really good learning curve.”Now undertaking a managerial role, Graham has a team of cleaners working with him and is excited by the success of his business and is already achieving over £110,000 per annum.

“I was most attracted to its guaranteed turnover promise, and I’m pleased to say the proof is definitely in the pudding,” adds Graham.

“Based on my franchise’s current performance, I should be able to achieve my three year goal and turn over £250,000 per year.”

Not only is Graham’s business proving to be financially rewarding, it’s also offering personal benefits. “Being my own boss, I am able to achieve a more family-friendly work/life balance,” he explains. “When my child was poorly I was able to take time out from my Dublcheck business and take care of him for four days. Now I only have myself to answer to and it’s great.”

Dublcheck founder, Carol Stewart-Gill says, “With our experienced track record we can safely say that if you put in the effort and follow the system, the rewards with Dublcheck are there for everyone to see.”