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What’s not to love about SITB?

Self Service Box: Dave Bullough
Area: East Kent

“Having previously owned my own sandwich franchise, been a food store manager and deliver books to work places, I had plenty of experience in the food industry and deliveries. I was now ready to find a business, which would bring in a good wage and work around my life and my two young boys.

“Using the internet I researched food franchises and quickly discovered snack and confectionery distributor Snack-in-the-Box. I saw it offered great financial opportunities and I could see the franchise would be popular as there is no other business in the market like it.

“When I contacted SITB they put me in touch with some of its franchise owners, which allowed me to gain honest accounts about running the business and the benefits of the SITB franchise. I knew straight away that I wanted to join the Mars branded franchise.

“SITB training consisted of three-day course at Head Office, which was very detailed and comprehensive but easy to follow. I then spent a day with a franchise owner in Birmingham, where I gained some valuable hands-on experience and insight into the daily routine of a SITB franchise owner.

“I have built a great business so far and I am looking forward to expanding with the new opportunities that will come along as a result of SnackTime Plc’s takeover of SITB. I have refined my business so that I am working just four days a week, with very flexible working hours and earning a weekly turnover of £2,700 – what’s not to love about SITB?”