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Why I believe in franchising

As an experienced businessman with a long-standing involvement in franchising, Chris Bury of Lancashire knew that ChipsAway would prove a worthy investment.

'My interest in franchising has led to me owning a multitude of businesses,' reveals Chris. 'I believe that independent businesses in this day and age are too risky to start up. There is too much competition from the buying powers of the huge companies. However, I found franchising gives you the independence along with the security that comes with being part of a large group.'

When Chris was looking for a new business to start with his nephew, he naturally turned to franchising. 'We looked at a wide range of franchises but my nephew loves working with cars and this led us straight to Chipsaway,' recalls Chris. 'We spoke to them and went away with the confidence that the business was something we wanted to do and would prove successful, providing good returns. We could see that it was a good, solid business opportunity.

'The best thing is that you will be backed and supported by the franchisor. Chipsaway started with a three week period of training, covering everything from accounting to finding the work that's out there.'

With a promotion at a Tesco supermarket aiding the launch of the business, work started coming in immediately for the franchise. Although having plentiful experience in running his own businesses, Chris reports that Chipsaway has still been very helpful to him. 'I think that if this was your first business, Chipsaway would be even more helpful. You can phone the head office as often as you like, benefiting from their advice and guidance on any aspect of the business.'

Already running two vans, Chris can see a lot of potential in the business. 'It provides a service to the customer that is both cost and time effective,' he reflects, 'and I believe this is where the franchise triumphs.'